Working Experience

  • Sep 2017 - Present
    T-mobile Bellevue WA

    Software Development Engineer

    • Building WebRCT application with communication network technologies (HTTP, WebSocket).
    • Using real-time protocol to transfer audio and video, implementing conference, message and calling functionality on web browser.
    • Designed, Developing, testing Digits UCC project with designers and developers from WRC, WRG teams.
    • Developing Digits using Angular JS, SASS, HTML with JSP.
    • Communicating with UX, back-end and QA team, improved development efficiency , resolved bugs quickly.
  • July 2017- Sep 2017
    SitaCorp Somerset NJ

    Intern UI developer

    • Working with developers on web applications and internal tools utilizing the JavaScript libraries, React.js, Angular, and Webpack.
    • Participate and contribute in weekly code reviews and daily stand-ups with intern mentor.
    • Developed a restaurant online reservation web application using Angular 4 as front-end framework and Firebase as the back-end.
  • Jan 2015 -July 2015
    China Telecom-Global Network Operation Center Shanghai China

    System Administrator

    • Designed, implemented and supported in a database driven system to gather customs info and tracking network resources for China Tel using C++ and PHP.
    • Fixed bugs and provided support services for the application.
  • Aug 2006 -Dec 2014
    Shanghai TEL Transmission Maintenance Center Shanghai China

    Leader in Monitoring Team & Technical Support

    • Led monitoring team of six for the daily operations in Shanghai Telecom’s Network.
    • Configured various types of network devices for different vendors like Cisco, Huawei, and Juniper.
    • Responsible for monitoring the IP network in Shanghai, responding to outages, and working closely with other Network operations centers to debug and diagnose network and circuit problems.
    • Helped customers to solve problems in their LAN.
    • Worked closely with other engineers to do the traffic migration work.

Honors & Certificate

  • 2011

    Excellent Quality Control Team

    Shanghai Communications Industry Association

  • 2011

    Quality Control Project 3rd

    Shanghai Communications Industry

  • 2010

    Quality Control Project 2nd

    Shanghai Communications Industry

  • 2012


    Cisco certifications


  • M.S. 2015

    M.S. in Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Washington University in St. Louis

  • B.E. 2006

    B.E. in Communication Engineering

    Shanghai University

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Working Project May 2018 - Present

A web real-time communication application base on WebRTC technology. Merged version of Digits & X-Digits

○ Middleware for Calls & Messages & conference ○ Consuming REST APIs ○ Peer code review ○ Write unit test with Jest and Enzyme

Tech: React & Typescript

Still in developing stage



Working Project Jan 2018 - April 2018

A web real-time communication application base on WebRTC technology. Improved version of Digits. Functionality includes Calling, Conference, Message & Group Message, File Transfer, Calender, Contact Management

○ Message’s UI & business logic ○ Conference’s UI & business logic ○ Write unit test with Jasmine and Karma runner ○ Bug fix and peer code review

Tech. Angular 1.6

Not launched yet



Working Project Sep 2017 - Dec 2017
picture of digits

A web real-time communication application base on WebRTC technology. It allows users to make call and send & receive message from different devices or receive message and calls from different lines using one device.

○ Call’s UI ○ Message’s UI & business logics ○ Consuming REST APIs and processing webstock JSON data ○ Bug fixing and peer code review

Tech: Angular 1.6

Harry Potter Inspired restaurant website

Weiqing Wang

Personal Project Aug 2017
picture of restaurant

An online Harry Potter Inspired restaurant reservation system with REST functionality base on Angular 4 and Firebase. Customer can book edit and cancel the reservation through the app and owner can manage the orders and contacts info online.

○ Requirements by mentor ○ Designed & implemented by myself

Tech: Angular 4, Node.js, Firebase

Prediction of Flight Delay

Weiqing Wang

Student Project Apr 2016

A website based on the website which provides flight prediction service based on the data gathered from these database weather information database, previous flight delay information database and calendar database. Using our website, customs can decide whether they should leave more time space between their travel plans (because the weather forecasts are only valid within a week in future, so we can only predict the probability of flight delay in the future one week). By choosing the date and flight number of their flight, the web will return a probability of the flight delay. Also, we may give customs some advice to arrange their agenda and selection of airline.

○ Design & Setup DB ○ Using linear regression to calculate the prediction. ○ Design & implement the website by myself. ○ Gather data from various source with my team mates.

Tech: PHP, MySQL

Movie recommendation System

Weiqing Wang

Data Mining Apr 2016

A movie recommendation system implements collaboration flitering for Netflix users, base on the history rating racords to find out who have similar rating behaviors then predict the rating for a particular user for a given movie.

○ Using similarity matrix to given the prediction. ○ Implement the algorithm by myself. ○ Used AWS S3 service to process the big data.

Tech: Hadoop, S3 service, Java

Feature Selection on the Alzheimer disease genes dataset

Weiqing Wang

Data Mining

Feature selection is a process of selecting a subset of relevant features for use in model construction.In this project, three feature selection methods were applied: SVD/PCA, PCA & ICA and Autoencoder on the Alzheimer disease genes dataset to find out whether data selection works in the way we anticipated and the different between three methods.

Please download the doc for detail informations.


Network Resource Database System

China Telecom

Working Project

A Database driven system used to track Network resource and gather internal user information.